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The Golden Gates of Kiev

Golden Gate
Operation: year round
Location: Volodymyrska Street 40a, Kyiv
Included in the following tours:
One of a few remaining samples of the fortification architecture of the 11th century, the Golden Gate of Kiev with modest remnants of the brick and stone walls and arches portions is a symbolic message from the Kievan Rus times.
Built together with the St.Sophia Cathedral it dates back to the times of Kievan Rus flourishing.
The Golden Gates were one of the three portals to the fortified part of the city. The construction of the Golden Gates included a watch tower with a platform for guards and a small gate church. According to the medieval symbolics the Gates should have encouraged entering the good to the city and drawing the evil away, while the Gate Church of Annunciation, crowned with a golden dome, should have rendered heavenly protection.
The Golden Gates were the strongest link in the fortification chain and were unapproachable for invaders. Batu Khan Horde on the siege of Kiev in 1240 has damaged the gates from the inner side having broken into Kiev through the other gates. In general, hitting the Gates gesture was a symbol of possession of the city behind the gates. It is related that in 1018 Boleslaw Khrobry hit the Gates with his sword leaving a notch on the sword. This sword with a notch has been named Szczerbiec and has become a Polish Kings’ relic used in coronation ceremonies. And even though this legend is proved wrong due to the younger age of the sword itself, widespread legend reiteration emphasizes meaningfulness of the Gates, a triumphal portal and a defendable entrance to Kiev.
The Golden Gates have been a ceremonial gateway to Kiev for more than a half of millennia. Yet the partially ruined Gates have welcomed Ukrainian hero Hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky in 1648 and Russian ambassadors three years later. Another hundred years have passed, and it was decided to cover the ruins of the Gates with earth for safely reasons. The Gates’ ruins remained under the earth for eighty years. First maintenance and reconstruction works were conducted in 1832 and have become the beginning of the Gates’ image restoring process, which is continued till nowadays. Current look of the Golden Gates replicates the 11th century appearance of the portal, with the remains of ancient walls and arches portions resting inside of the modern construction.

My husband Greg and I, must tell you how wonderful our trip to Ukraine was. Because of your wonderful services and personal touches, everything went extremely well.

We had an amazing journey and love your country. Greg's mother was born in Berdyansk, lived in Kharkov and her father was from Poltava. We visited each of those cities as well as Kiev and Mariupol and enjoyed every minute.

The accommodations you recommended were exceptionally nice. We especially loved our apartment in Kiev and Hotel Kievsky in Kharkov. The staff of the hotel could not have been more accommodating and the room itself was clean, comfortable, cozy and convenient. The apartment was just beautiful and had a great location.

We had a couple of glitches in Mariupol at the Spartak with the electricity going out for many hours, the phone never working and of course no hot water which was not unexpected. The one thing we wish they had was an elevator since we had heavy luggage and were on the fifth floor. None of those things, however, were enough to take away our enjoyment of the room or our stay in Mariupol.

We were stunned by how nice the airport in Mariupol was. It was not only lovely but it was efficient and the flight was nicer than most domestic flights in the US as far as service and food were concerned.

All in all, we couldn't have had a more wonderful adventure and YOU were such an integral part of all of that. From the moment we were met at Borispol and given our vouchers and tickets until the time we left, we knew we were in good hands--yours. I even text messaged Irina about a possible concern when we were about to leave (concerning customs) and she responded immediately and accurately.

What can we say but THANK YOU SO MUCH! We plan to return in a few years and have recommended the trip and especially your service to all of our friends in Orlando, Florida, USA. I hope they get the opportunity to travel to Ukraine and to experience your hospitality.

All the Best,

Candy and Greg, USA

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